Professional Associations

AeroMetric staff members actively participate in professional associations to contribute to the advancement of the geospatial professions.

  • MAPPS - Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors
  • ASPRS - American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
  • SAME - Society of American Military Engineers
  • PODS - Pipeline Open Data Standard
  • AWEA - American Wind Energy Association
  • GEO | Huntsville

Satellite Imagery

AeroMetric is an authorized reseller for GeoEye and SPOT Image Corp. We partner with these satellite companies to provide you a wide range of technologically advanced geospatial imagery options.

  • Astrium
  • GeoEye

Technology Partners

We strive to acquire and leverage the most advanced technological tools to provide the most accurate and precise mapping solutions.

  • esri
  • Intergraph
  • DAT/EM Systems International
  • Optech
  • Tuck Mapping
  • Inpho - A Trimble Company
  • Bentley

Esri and the Esri Logo are licensed trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

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