Wisconsin Public Service: Guardian Gas Pipeline

Wisconsin Public Service: Guardian Gas Pipeline Performance under a tight time frame and suboptimal conditions.


Energy fuels the engine of our economy. The ingenuity of energy providers is being summoned for creative solutions to meet the growing demand from a variety of energy sources.

On Target Geospatial Solutions

AeroMetric provides carefully tailored geospatial solutions for the development and operation of energy infrastructure. Our solutions support the planning, design and monitoring of sites and corridors associated with tapping, generating and transmitting energy – whether from coal, oil, gas, solar, wind, hydroelectric or nuclear sources.


Imagery is a valuable resource – assisting feasibility assessments, corridor mapping, construction monitoring, as-built documentation and infrastructure monitoring during operations. We provide digital imagery from airborne and satellite sources at a variety of resolutions to satisfy multiple needs. Our multi-sensor approach ensures that you will get the information you need for your application in a timely fashion.

Elevation Data

Elevation data is especially critical for the engineering design of infrastructure, whether it is site specific, a pipeline, or a transmission corridor from source to the grid. We extract precise elevation data using lidar and photogrammetric techniques to create Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Models and topographic mapping.

Enterprise GIS

Enterprise Geographic Information Systems leverage imagery, elevation and feature data into detailed geospatial models, supporting all phases of energy infrastructure operations.  AeroMetric brings extensive experience in geospatial systems architecture, design, and integration, including state-of-the-art PODS consulting. AeroMetric can be your one-stop Enterprise GIS solution partner.

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