Tar Creek, Oklahoma

Tar Creek, Oklahoma DMC and LiDAR technologies to assist the Water Quality Division. Determining the magnitude involved in removal of 1,022 chat piles.

Lake Delton, WI Levee Failure

Lake Delton, WI Levee Failure Supporting recovery with digital imagery and LiDAR topographic data. Lake Delton Dam Emergency Response and Recovery Mapping.


AeroMetric takes great pride in helping improve the quality of life for all people residing in our land. Supporting activities related to public health, safety and welfare is a high priority for our company.

From developers to conservationists, there is a common need — the availability of timely and reliable geospatial information. We have a long history of providing responsive and valuable environmental mapping services to federal and state agencies, universities involved in research, and private industry.

AeroMetric can provide mapping and associated data to assist with assessing, characterizing and monitoring many environmental situations. Past projects have allowed scientists to quantify insect infestation, track invasive plant species, study erosion, forest inventory, and climate change. Our services also support professionals in the management of natural resources including watersheds, wetlands, forest lands and coastal zones. Remote sensing superbly suits the needs of environmental mapping.

AeroMetric has provided multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal, and traditional aerial photography services for environmental documentation and analysis. Through our internal resources and our partners, we provide the solutions our clients need.

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