The challenge for Foresters and Forest Management Consultants is to sustain the health of our planet’s forests, while facilitating socially acceptable commercial utilization of their resources. AeroMetric helps to meet these goals with on-target geospatial solutions that go beyond traditional mapping services – providing exceptional value for those who manage our forests.

LiDAR Forestry Solutions

AeroMetric will work with you to design a carefully matched LiDAR and field plot collection program, develop the most appropriate models, and assure a statistically defensible result. The cost of a well designed LiDAR program is often offset by a reduction in the number of plots required to sample a stand. Why then, if costs are similar, is LiDAR a vastly superior forest management tool? LiDAR data covers the entire forest, not just sample plots. This gives the modern forest manager significant advantages:

  • high precision canopy height models,
  • high precision canopy cover models,
  • detailed maps of volume, biomass, basal areas and other key metrics, and
  • highly accurate terrain models.

This means benefits including reduced on-the-ground cruising, greater levels of confidence forest-wide and a wealth of additional data sets. In addition to reliable stand level statistics, you can now examine any location you wish within a stand for characteristics of canopy cover, canopy height, timber volume, basal area, diameter, trees per acre, biomass and many other forest attributes.

GIS Forestry Solutions

As GIS technologies move from the desktop to the web, AeroMetric can support your enterprise Forestry GIS operations with custom services. These can include forest inventory management, remote device access and application development for growth modeling, stand and tract management, harvest and cruising operation oversight, and carbon sequestration and condition reporting.

Environmental Forestry Solutions

AeroMetric’s environmental mapping solutions provide critical baseline and monitoring data for Environmental Impact  Statements, and topical studies such as insect infestation, invasive plant investigations, and erosion monitoring. Our experience with leading edge digital sensors, coupled with our remote sensing expertise, allow us to deploy a comprehensive set of tools to match any field condition requiring analysis.

Hazard Assessment and Emergency Response Forestry Solutions

Protection of forest lands starts with reliable hazard and risk assessment. AeroMetric’s detailed mapping can be used to develop biofuel inventories and risk maps. During an emergency we offer rapid-response aerial services including the coordination of air, satellite and mobile platform deployment, data consolidation in the cloud, and rapid data distribution to emergency responders and stakeholders. After an emergency, we can provide post-event analysis of forest conditions allowing for rapid recovery of the forest lands.

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