USGS 133: Urban Areas Initiative (Chicago)

USGS 133: Urban Areas Initiative (Chicago) Inventorying critical resources for disaster preparedness and homeland security. U.S. Geological Survey's 133 Urban Areas Initiative.

SE Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

SE Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Providing full-service geospatial mapping services for Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission for more than 15 years.

Valley International Airport

Valley International Airport AeroMetric participated in a unique AGIS and e-ALP pilot program, setting the standard for eALP mapping specifications and submission.

Illinois Department of Transportation: Design Scale Aerial Photography and Mapping

Illinois Department of Transportation: Design Scale Aerial Photography and Mapping AeroMetric provides professional photogrammetric and aerial mapping for design of a corridor.

Aerial Photography

As one of the most accomplished photogrammetric companies in the nation we have the equipment, the experience, and the technical know-how to get the best results. This includes the way we plan, obtain, process and deliver our aerial photography.


We have the capability to simultaneously complete numerous large projects. Our equipment includes 8 mission-ready aircraft, as well as both digital and film-based cameras. And we boast a full array of processing and post processing equipment.


The success of our flight department lies in detailed project planning linked to aviation weather analysis. Thorough planning ensures that critical details such as optimum altitude, sun-angle, film type, camera settings, camera exposure stations and environmental conditions are all fine-tuned for each flight. We use real time satellite imagery to select the optimum window to dispatch our flight crews, who are briefed with the critical parameters before take off.


We tailor advanced processing technologies into our production systems giving us efficiency advantages. Versatility is another key to our success—from the way we select the right equipment to do the job, to the assignment of the right people to process and deliver the work. This flexibility enables us to handle large, multi-state projects, city-wide projects, and small single exposure jobs.


AeroMetric provides aerial photography in many different resolutions and in a variety of media. Our skilled technicians can acquire high quality imagery and create an assortment of products, including, but not limited to digital aerial image files, rectified orthophotography, display quality enlargements, and photo mosaics.

Our clients use our aerial photography to support their needs which include:

  • engineering design
  • land use planning
  • historical imagery comparisons
  • environmental studies
  • shoreline studies
  • property analysis
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