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AeroMetric’s Enterprise GIS Capabilities

AeroMetric is a leading provider of integrated Enterprise Geographic Information Systems and solutions (EGIS). Our services include Geospatial Planning and Analysis, Geospatial Data Management Services, Geospatial Integration and Design Services, Geospatial Support Services, and Geospatial Cloud Solutions that include Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We offer a full range of Geospatial capabilities as well as software and hardware support to provide on-target solutions for your Geospatial and Information Technology (IT) needs. AeroMetric is an Esri Gold Business Partner as well as partners with other key industry leaders.

Geospatial Integration & Design Services

AeroMetric’s team is proficient at ArcGIS Server desktop/web application development as well as ArcGIS Online Portals and is highly experienced with enterprise information systems, system integration, and system architecture and design. We are prepared to comply with any client’s IT and GIS standards and procedures. We support the complete development lifecycle, including system analysis, requirements gathering, specifications development, system architecture, coding, testing, and roll-out.

We maintain development, staging, and production environments to develop applications through team collaboration, unit testing, and user acceptance testing. AeroMetric is knowledgeable in Esri and open source front- and back-end technologies. We use advanced visual development environments and mainstream technologies for source control. In addition, AeroMetric can develop administrator and user documentation including online help.

Our ability to leverage Esri and COTS technology allows us to create strong relationships with our clients. Our design and development methodology, allows us to rapidly deliver prototypes for client review and develop custom solutions expeditiously.

Geospatial Cloud Solutions

AeroMetric’s staff includes thought leaders who are well versed in cloud based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. We can help you develop, implement, and support your cloud computing strategy, support your cloud migration, and help you manage and support your cloud infrastructure.

AeroMetric can provide a cloud solution to meet any clients’ needs, whether it is a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid solution. Our secure application servers and data warehouses use secure socket layers and encryption standards that meet or exceed DoD standards.

AeroMetric can also provide a full range of traditional cloud based services to include ArcGIS map caching, data archival, data storage, disaster recovery, and operations hosting.

Our ArcGIS Online based DaaS solutions have won national geospatial awards and have been recognized by the federal government.

Geospatial Planning & Analysis

With over 80 years of GIS and mapping projects under our belt, AeroMetric has the experience and resources to chart and execute a practical geospatial path for your GIS and IT enterprise infrastructure, applications, and data. The Geospatial Planning and Analysis process begins with requirements gathering during interview sessions and performing a Needs or Gap Analysis. The results are then used to create a Strategic or Implementation Plan to use as the guide to enterprise GIS development over a three or five year period.

AeroMetric’s cloud-based collaboration and application development/support systems, along with our extensive end-market focused geospatial capabilities allow us to undertake complex analysis and planning projects within a multi-disciplined structure. Our client-based project portals facilitate online communication and collaboration between all stakeholders and client staff, ensuring issues are addressed promptly in all areas of the project.

Geospatial Data Management Services

As an industry leader in Data Conversion, Database Design, Data Conflation, Data Migration, Database Development, Data Modeling, and Field Data Collection, AeroMetric can provide a one stop shop for all of our client’s data needs from data acquisition to enterprise geodatabase development.
AeroMetric’s Database Administrators, GIS Developers, and GIS Analysts are well versed in Oracle and SQL Server geospatial database technologies, ArcSDE, and ArcGIS Image Server and offer a full range of database related services.

Geospatial Professional Services

AeroMetric can provide our clients with On-site GIS support, training, staff augmentation, GIS maintenance, GIS mapping, program management, insourcing, and project management services.

Our experienced geospatial staff includes GIS analysts, business analysts, GIS developers, technical architects, trainers, testers, database administrators, project managers, and document specialists. We work closely with our clients’ own staff – assisting with specific activities, tasks, or programs in a consultative, training, or operational capacity.

AeroMetric provides flexibility and expertise without the expense and commitment of sustaining long-term staff, whether to develop a short-term project or to temporarily expand the capacity of internal staff.


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