Geospatial Cloud

AeroMetric’s Geospatial cloud solutions can help you deploy resilient GIS applications, extend your infrastructure to cache GIS data more quickly than ever before, and easily maintain your entire Enterprise GIS operation using the latest infrastructure management and monitoring tools.

AeroMetric is experienced in designing, hosting, and maintaining GIS applications based on popular off-the-shelf technologies. We have also significant experience leveraging both private and public cloud infrastructures to develop serious, scalable Enterprise GIS architectures and supporting streamlined business processes. This allows our clients to quickly and inexpensively geospatially enable their IT infrastructure and efficiently deploy their GIS applications and web services.

Our platform's ability to treat extremely complex integrated applications, leveraging tens or hundreds of servers in the cloud, improves development, maintenance, and upgrade workflows. This approach greatly improves the ability to scale, backup, and geographically load-balance applications. In addition, our cloud, private cloud, and on-premise cloud technology makes deploying mission-critical applications exceptionally attainable, repeatable, and scalable.


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