SE Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

SE Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Providing full-service geospatial mapping services for Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission for more than 15 years.

The National Map Railroad GIS Dataset Development

The National Map Railroad GIS Dataset Development AeroMetric prepared a two-phase approach to identifying, then quantifying the cost of data acquisition on a statewide scale.

Small Scale Mapping

There are frequent occasions when a map is required for planning or conceptual purposes. These maps, covering large areas, do not require a high level of detail. The rule of thumb is that the smaller the scale, the larger the area that can be shown on a map. However, details are typically limited to major features such as boundaries, key roads, shorelines and waterways. One of the advantages of a small scale topographic map is that a larger area can be represented in a single view.

Solution Process

Raw mapping files are processed through an automated editing program that reduces editing time by performing batch tasks, defined and controlled by the user. Photogrammetrists, cartographers and graphics technicians collaborate to create accurate map products that can be delivered in numerous graphic and digital formats.

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