Tar Creek, Oklahoma

Tar Creek, Oklahoma DMC and LiDAR technologies to assist the Water Quality Division. Determining the magnitude involved in removal of 1,022 chat piles.

Cedar Hills Regional Landfill, Washington

Cedar Hills Regional Landfill, Washington AeroMetric flew over the landfill regularly -- acquiring aerial photography -- to map changes to the landfill profile.

Volumetric Mapping

Aerial surveys are a superior solution for volumetric calculations because they allow the documentation of conditions at an exact point in time and can be rapidly and cost-effectively acquired without interrupting operations at the site.

Mine Volumetric Services

AeroMetric helps mine operators monitor their stockpile volumes, overburden and tailings during production. After operations have ceased we depict existing conditions and calculate volumes. During landscape restoration we provide volumes of fill material that will be required to restore the topography.

Landfill Volumes

The majority of our landfill clients engage us to monitor their operations on a recurring schedule—quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Our volumetric surveys allow landfill managers to document airspace easements—calculating the future capacity of the landfill.

Stockpile Management

AeroMetric's volumetric survey services can be a very cost-effective solution for stockpile management. Major auditing firms readily accept the accuracy of both aerial photography-based data, as well as LiDAR data—making them both authentic methods for determining stockpiles of externally stored materials.

Using LiDAR

The great advantage of volumetric mapping using LiDAR is that it can be completed at any time during the day or evening because lidar is not dependent on lighting conditions. In addition, processing LiDAR data sets is highly automated, making this particular solution very well suited for large, complex sites, and tight delivery schedules. Our LiDAR sensors permit the creation of precision maps of landfills, deep mine pits with irregular walls, haul roads and berms, and complex stockpiles with irregular shapes due to belt feeds or dozer stockpiling.

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